Christmas Gnomes Amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern

Quality amigurumi patterns are available for free on this site. In this article, we shared wonderful amigurumi christmas gnome patterns with you.

If there are no special instructions, the toy is knitted on both sides of the loop. In some rows, special instructions are given: “knit for the front wall” or “for the back wall”. If so, follow these instructions. The toy is knitted in a spiral.


inc – from one loop we knit two

sc – single crochet;

dec – knit two stitches together;

DC – double crochet;

hdc – half double crochet;

ch – air loop;

p – times;

sl-st – connecting post.

Materials for making toys:

– hook 1.75;

– any yarn, I have YarnArt 50g / 150m (red, white, pink and black)

– for snowflakes – VITA cotton COCO

– for a beard – Swan’s down from NAZAR

– filler;

– super glue and contact glue;

– plastic eyes

– a needle;

– wire 1mm and 1.5mm

Boots (2pcs).

1st row: 10ch, from the second loop – inc, 7sc, then 4sc to the last loop, turn and knit on the other side – 7sc, inc = 22sc

2nd row: 2inc, 7sc, 4inc, 7sc, 2inc = 30sc

3 – 6 rows: 30sc

7 row: 11sc, 2dec, dec from 3sc, 2dec, 8sc

8 row: 7sc, skip 18sc, 5sc = 12sc.

Then we will sew the formed hole.

9-17 rows: 12sc. Tie the top of the boot with textured yarn. Fasten the thread.

Cut off 21cm of 1.5mm wire, bend and wrap with any yarn (I glued to contact glue)

Insert the blank into the boot, sew up the hole and tie it with textured yarn (I have Swan’s Down from NAZAR)


Take pink yarn.

1st row: 6sc in amigurumi ring

2nd row: 6inc = 12sc

3rd row: (1sc, inc) * 6p = 18sc

4th row: (2sc, inc) * 6p = 24sc

5 row: (7sc, inc) * 3p = 27sc

6-10 rows: 27sc

11 row: (7sc, dec) * 3p = 24sc

12 row: (2sc, dec) * 6p = 18sc

13 row: behind the back wall of the loop (1sc, dec) * 6p = 12sc

Row 14: 6dec. Fasten and hide the thread.


Row 1: Attach yarn to Row 13 and dial 18sc

2nd row: behind the back wall of the loop 18sc

3rd row: (2sc, inc) * 6p = 24sc

4th row: 24sc

5 row: (3sc, inc) * 6p = 30sc

6 – 12 rows: 30sc

13 row: (3sc, dec) * 6p = 24sc

14 row: (2sc, dec) * 6p = 18sc

15 row: (1sc, dec) * 6p = 12sc

16 row: 6dec. Fasten and hide the thread.


Row 1: Attach thread to Row 2 of the body and dial 18sc

2nd row: (5sc, inc) * 3p = 21sc

3rd row: (6sc, inc) * 3p = 24sc

4th row: (7sc, inc) * 3p = 27sc

5 row: (8sc, inc) * 3p = 30sc

6 row: (14sc, inc) * 2p = 32sc

7 row: (7sc, inc) * 4p = 36sc

8 row: (8sc, inc) * 4p = 40sc

9th row: (9sc, inc) * 4p = 44sc

10 row: (10sc, inc) * 4p = 48sc

11 row: (11sc, inc) * 4p = 52sc

12 row: (12sc, inc) * 4p = 56sc

13 row: (13sc, inc) * 4p = 60sc

14th row: (14sc, inc) * 4p = 64sc

15 row: (15sc, inc) * 4p = 68sc

16 row: (16sc, inc) * 4p = 72sc

17th row: (17sc, inc) * 4p = 76sc

18th row: (18sc, inc) * 4p = 80sc

19 row: (19sc, inc) * 4p = 84sc

20 row: (20sc, inc) * 4p = 88sc

21 row: (21sc, inc) * 4p = 92sc

22 row: (22sc, inc) * 4p = 96sc

23 row: (23sc, inc) * 4p = 100sc

Take a thinner wire, measure along the length of the dress and wrap the ends with yarn. (I have a wire length – 40cm)

Tie row 24 together with wire: (24sc, inc) * 4p = 104sc. Cut the thread and fasten.

Hands (2pcs.)

Take white yarn.

We start knitting with mittens.

1st row: 6sc in amigurumi ring

2nd row: (1sc, inc) * 3p = 9sc

3rd row: 9sc

4th row: 3ch, back along the chain 2sc, sl-st (this will be a finger), 8sc = 9sc

5 row: 9sc

6 row: 6sc. Do not break the thread, we will tie the top of the mittens.

Take a thread of red and continue to knit

7 row: behind the back wall of the loop 6sc.

Take the thread that we left behind and tie the top of the mitten – 1sc, inc = 9sc. Cut the thread and fasten. We continue to knit with red yarn.

8-10 rows: 6sc

11 row: 6sc white

12-13 rows: 6sc red

14th row: 6sc white

15-16 rows: 6sc red

17th row: 6sc white

Rows 18-19: 6sc red

20 row: 6sc white

Rows 21-22: 6sc red

23rd row: 6sc white. Cut the thread and leave for sewing.


1st row: 6sc in amigurumi ring

2-4 rows: 6sc

5 row: inc, 5sc = 7sc

6-7 rows: 7sc

8 row: inc, 6sc = 8sc

9-10 rows: 8sc

11 row: inc, 7sc = 9sc

12-13 rows: 9sc

14th row: inc, 8sc = 10sc

15-16 rows: 10sc

17th row: inc, 9sc = 11sc

Rows 18-19: 11sc

20 row: inc, 10sc = 12sc

Rows 21-22: 12sc

23 row: inc, 11sc = 13sc

24-25 rows: 13sc

26 row: inc, 12sc = 14sc

27-28 rows: 14sc

Row 29: inc, 13sc = 15sc

30-31 rows: 15sc

32 row: inc, 14sc = 16sc

Rows 33-34: 16sc

35 row: inc, 15sc = 17sc

Rows 36-37: 17sc

38 row: inc, 16sc = 18sc

39-40 rows: 18sc

41 row: inc, 17sc = 19sc

Rows 42-43: 19sc

Row 44: inc, 18sc = 20sc

45 row: (inc, 9sc) * 2p = 22sc

46 row: (inc, 10sc) * 2p = 24sc

47 row: (inc, 11sc) * 2p = 26sc

48 row: (inc, 12sc) * 2p = 28sc

49 row: (inc, 13sc) * 2p = 30sc

50 row: 30sc. Leave the thread for sewing.


Row 1: cast on ch 14 and work in 13sc.

Row 2 – 3: 13sc. Fasten the thread.


Row 1: cast on 27ch and work in 26sc.

2nd row: 26sc. Fasten the thread.


1st row: 6sc in amigurumi ring

2nd row: 6sc. Leave the thread for sewing.


Row 1: cast on 71ch and work in 70sc.

Row 2-3: 70sc. Fasten the thread.


Gather a hat on a thread to make folds, sew it to the grandfather’s head. Sew on nose, hair and beard, sew on handles. Glue the eyes, insert and glue the legs.

You can decorate the dress with snowflakes, now there are a lot of schemes on the Internet.

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