Purple Motif Wayuu Bag Free Crochet Pattern

In this article we will share with you the purple motif wayuu bag model.  Crochet and a lot of patterns each one is quite nice waiting for you on our site.

Material: Calico 5306, 5309, 10287, 4569 (1 ball of yarn)

Crochet No: 3

Knitting Pattern: Chain, single crochet, popcorn

WAYUU BAG: After making a ring with Chain, 8 rows of single crochets are made.

In the 8th row, the total number of stitches is completed to 128.

In 9th place, 5 singles crochet with popcorn, 5 singles crochet with khaki, popcorn 5, khaki 5 continues.

In the 10th row, 6 khaki crochets with khaki, 3 khaki crochets with popcorn, 7 khaki crochets with khaki, 3 popcorn, 7 khaki, 8 khaki, 1 popcorn, 12 khaki, 1 popcorn, 12 khaki, 1 popcorn complete with triangles .

11th row khaki.

12th place, fuchsia,

13th place khaki,

14th purple,

Knit with 3-4 rows of khaki until 15th place popcorn.170 single crochet. After 170 stitches, knit with 5 more rows of khaki, the pattern is started. 10 flower patterns, start and finish according to the report given.

Knit with 22 rows of khaki.

While knitting 1 row with Fuchsia, 18 singles crochets pull a 3 chain and skip 3 singles crochets in the lower row (for the strap hole).

After the fuchsia row, the bag is completed with 1 row khaki, 1 row popcorn, 1 row khaki, 1 row purple. For the stalk, go to the 11 singles crochet commute with khaki, finish the desired length.

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